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Run your niche price comparison online stores

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    Run your own Online Store

    Set and Forget

    Access to 50 million Products from thousands of stores and thousands of brands by doing nothing. We have around 49,000 Stores.Your customers can shop from 49,000 merchants and they are happy to buy and you get your commissions.

    Run Unlimited Online Stores

    50% OFF $200(limited time offer)


Your Store will be Live within Minutes


  • Set and Forget Upload to your hosting server and just edit settings as you like and your store is ready to make sales and earn you commission.
  • Build Price Comparision stores Ablity to make the store a price comparision online store
  • Create Niche Stores Create your niche store. For example: create a shoes store, clothes store etc... You can also show products only from particular keyword, categories, stores or brands only.
  • Any one can run the store Whether you live in any part of the world doesn't matter and doesn't prevent you from running the store and earn money. Any one from any part of the world can run this store and earn commissions. World wide support.
  • Instant Sign-up to Affiliate Network You can join the affiliate network instantly and start earning commissions. No need to wait for approvals. You are instantly signed up to thousands of stores.
  • Earn Commssions Your commissions are deposited in to your paypal account or payoneer card which you can withdraw in to your bank account.
  • Easy to Add/Modify Template You can easily add/modify template html and css
  • Unlimited Stores Buy the unlimited package to get unlimited domain licence. So that you can run unlimited stores in any niche.
  • Run on your web hosting server You can upload to any windows hosting server and run your store
  • Programming Knowledge You never need to know about programming or creating websites. That is why we are here for you.
  • Technology This product is developed using MVC 4. This technology makes easy to edit/create new templates for your store easily. But still you don't need knowledge of these and can run the store within minutes.
  • Database NO DATABASE REQUIRED. If you wish to track clicks and make use of those information a simple tiny MSSQL database is enough.
  • Life-Time Updates Once the package is purchased, you will be getting life-time updates of our product. No more spending money.
  • Free Logo We have decided to provide free logos for your store because we wanted to help people who doesn't know any thing about running a website. We have also provided a free sample logo that you can use or edit.
  • Run Unlimited Stores You can run unlimited niche price comparison stores.
  • Free installtion & support & Free Logo We are very much interested in providing free installtion for our valued customers. As we know that most people are very new to running websites we have decided to help them launch their store as soon as possible for their financial success.

Free Help and Support

We will help you fix any errors or issues which prevent your stores from running properly. And not to mention about the free help and support that we provide you whenever you need.

  • Affiliate API All products are retrieved from Affiliate API which gathers products from popular affiliate networks. You are provided the opportunity to earn commissions from thousands of popular stores.
  • Help Documentation You can read the help documentation in your account to make your store settings and run your store as you like.
  • Sub Domains You can run your store in your chosen domain name and even in a sub domain
  • Analytics & Social Shares Simply add your analytics code(ex:google) and social sharing code(ex:addthis)
  • Store Sections Ability to show/hide sections such as top selling products, featured products, new products, featured stores, featured brands,popular stores, popular brands etc... You can also show/hide product search box, categories, advertising banners, advanced search, category suggesions etc...
  • Custom Products By default products/stores/brands are shown automatically from API. But it is possible to show chosen list of products/stores/brands for all sections listed above ie., top selling products, featured products, new products, featured stores, featured brands,popular stores, popular brands etc...
  • Store Settings You make all settings for your store in your settings file like your store name,domain name,logo and almost everything. Just Set and Forget.
  • Mask affiliate links Ability to mask/hide affiliate links so the customer will not be seeing the orginal affiliate links.
  • 6 Spot Ads Ability to show/hide list of advertising banners in any column left/right/center and in top header and footer. You can add your affiliate banner ads or text ads or google ads or any custom ads in 6 spots in your store.
  • Restrict stores/brands Ability to restrict products from a list of stores and/or brands.
  • Templates You have 4 different templates. They are 3 columns, 2 columns(with left or right column and one center column) and single column templates. And more than 20 color themes available there by providing the ability to create more than 80 different templates. To change a template you simply make a setting and also you can easily change the color theme. Necessary files(.gif/.jpeg + PSD) provided to make your own color theme.
  • Custom Templates & Mobile Templates Coming Soon

and many many more features...

Try our niche shop builder to run your dream online store.